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Oops, time to book the Sacrifice PPV Eric Young wins 10-man Rumble er Gauntlet match to earn World  title shot  vs. Magnus. Opts to cash in shot tonight. Dixie is back , cheesy welcome back by Spud, Willow destroys it. 4-way for Knockouts title, Angelina wins with help from Velvet and Arrogance. BroMans old school heel tag team weaseling the Wolves. Dixie confronts Bully Ray Mr. Anderson and Christy try to commit Samuel Shaw, Christy doesnt know foreplay. June 25-27, TNA comes to Manhattan Center NYC EY vs. Magnus-Piledriver to win the World Title after 10 years with the company. Underwhelming response to a title change Adam Rose, quick win vs. Danny Burch. Instant sensation. Mojo Rawley 60 second squash with stinger splashes rear end and earthquake move called hyperdrive. Sylvester Lefort is junk why for a Brodus Clay beatdown ugh. Cesaro neutralizes Big Show Cena calls himself the measuring stick, the standard bearer. Fandango dances with Layla, nice switch. Shield protect Daniel Bryan. War Games match might happen. Ultimate Warrior 10 bell tribute, feel awful about the kids. Intercontinental Title Tournament, made to elevate the belt. Does that mean the world title belts stay together. ToyRUs with Sheamus and Big E. Cody and Goldust/Rybaxel more permanently in the tag team division. Paige wins with the crosslock submission. Smoking girlfriend. ..outside now. The Shield have Orton and Batista as their new target. Cesaro feats of strength. Bray Wyatt back against the wall vs Cena Closing the chapter on corporate Kane, to face Bryan at Extreme Rules. The burial of Sandow and Ziggler. Evolution returns after an 11-3 breakdown to the Shield.
 RIP Ulitmate Warrior; NXT Arrival on RAW; WrestleManiaXXX A :Showcase of New Stars Emma vs. Sasha Banks - Ratchet Chants. LMS Devon and Eden Brodus Clay seeking redemption, seeks NXT Tile, Champ Adrian Neville with good comeback promo NXT steals TNAs Backstage Cam, must be an Orlando thing. Sami Zayn vs Corey Graves Post-WrestleMania crowd chant happy as expected. HHH books himself in title match tonight. Batista/Orton to challenge Usos for penny belts. Wyatts look like Rockstars vs Cena vs. Big E vs. Sheamus. John Cena Sucks set to his theme, swaying arms, clapping to the theme, whole world in his hands. Bray is gonna kill you. Big E takes Sister Abigail. Bo Dallas is coming. Impossible is possible when you Bolieve. Fandango dance still happens with this crowd one year later. Emma dance gets over. Brock, the one in 21-1. Adam Rose and the Exotic Express is coming. RVD returns and Rusev debuts. The Ultimate Warrior back on RAW Paige confronts AJ Lee...295 day title reign, and formerly the best diva in the world. Paige new WWE Divas champion. Black widow with the Paige Turner. Cesaro awarded Andre trophy, becomes a new Paul Heyman guy and Swagger attacks and destroys the trophy. Shield turn face, No contest in title match.  
WrestleMania XXX Post Show-Brock Breaks The Streak; Bryan Breaks Through to Win Title PreShow-The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c) vs. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) vs. The Real Americans(Cesaro and Jack Swagger) vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel-Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship-Lots of suicide dives. Matadores go out. Uppercut and neutralizer to Ryback to knock out Rybaxel. Double splash to Cesaro after he got thrown into Swagger. Swagger upset, yells at Zeb, puts Patriot lock on Cesaro. Cesaro shakes Swaggers hand but Cesaro swings him and leaves the ring. We have our breakup. Hogan, Rock and Stone Cold all in the ring to open. Hogan says Silverdome but recovers eventually. 1-Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H-Singles match for the third spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match-Steph introduces Hunter comes in a gold throne with a skeletor looking mask.-Code of Honor negated into a quick pin. Steph at ringside. Trips works on shoulder out of ring. Back to back suicide dives. On the Main announce table, HHH rings shoulder on the table. Shoulder behind back suplex on ring apron. Crossface to injured shoulder. Brutal German release suplex looked amazing. Powerbomb by Bryan to come back. Diving Headbutt reversed to crossface. Yes signs all in front row. Bryan reverses to yes lock.  More dives outside. Bryan in control. Spinebuster and pedigree to 2 count. Pedigree flipped to suplex for near fall. Reversal to running knee and finish looks strong. HHH does the job and Bryan moves on to the title match late in the night. Trips hits chair into shoulder on the way out. Match went 30 minutes. 2-The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)-Six-man tag team match- Shield come out with skeleton like bandanas. Just for men for Kane. Couple of spears Triple powerbomb to Outlaws for pin. Match under 5 minutes. 3-André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal-30-man battle royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy-Big Show comes out in Andre gear, and Sheamus gets entrance.Kofi does his trick as Cesaro throws over corner and feet stay on steel. Sheamus, Del Rio and Big Show final four. Del Rio and Sheamus knock each other. Cesaro picks up Big Show and throws him out to win. 4-John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt-Mark Crozer and The Rels play Broken House of Love as the Wyatts come out. Wyatt goes to knees and ask Cena to be the monster and take him out. Wyatt and Cena get dual chants. Cena gets ruthless and snaps a bit. Great ring psychology, unconventional, great storytelling. Cena shoulder tackles, 5 knuckle reversed when Wyatt goes crab. Crowd with arms swaying, singing Whole World in his Hands. Cena off top rope dives onto Rowan and Harper. Cena fighting the demons. Cena spears Harper through barricade. Abigail to STF. Abigail to near fall. Wyatt gives Cena a chair and  Cena relents. Abigail reversed to AA for win. 5-The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar-Casket with Lesnars name on it. Takers makes casket open with fire.Package has Cole announcing potential breaking of streak.  Taker works on Brocks left shoulder. Lesnar attacks Takers leg. Crowd cooling down for this match. Lesnar in control pummeling Taker. Taker counters with DDT. Snake eyes, big boot, leg drop, 2 count. Chokeslam for 2. F5 for 2. Hells gate which Lesnar breaks, then a second time a pickup and break. Kimura lock then reversal by Taker. Old school reversed to F5 for 2 count. Back to back German suplexes low impact to protect Taker. Tombstone for 2-count. Third F5 to break the streak. What they said would never be broken has been broken. 6-Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational 14-Diva single-fall match for the WWE Divas Championship-Cameron  has wardrobe malfunction and had to take Dilemma. AJ puts black widow on Naomi to retain. WM 1 Main Event reunited with MrT, Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorf and Piper. 7-Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan-Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship-Rev Theory plays Orton to the ring and Orton must be pissed to see them. Batista and Orton 1 on 1 then Bryan comes back. Authority comes out as Bryan has yes lock on Orton. Scott Armstrong comes in as ref. Armstrong kicked out of ring. Suicide dive to the Authority. Batista and Orton team up on Bryan. Orton uses steps to shoulder. Two announce tables cleared Batista bomb RKO combo through table. Stretcher comes out. Bryan being tended to, gets neck brace.Bryan gets off of stretcher. Orton coils up, yes lock to Orton. Batista breaks it but yes lock to him. Orton breaks it. RKO no to Batista, spear to Orton, RKO to 2 count. Running knee to Orton. Batista steals pin to 2-count. Bryan running knee to yes lock to Batista to finally become champion.
Too late for Brock Lesnar to look strong and plant seed of doubt that the streak can be broken. Del Rio now has the kick as a legit finisher than cross arm breaker. Summer Rae has a new entrance and a solid win over Natalya. Love it! CM Punk chants kinda there. Authority compares Yes Movement to Fandango Fad! Brillant! Angle and Hardy get some love in  Triple H Promo. Hometown pop for Batista. Baggier jeans and a Patrick Ewing Georgetown Hoya jersey. Picked up new glasses. Orton utmost respect, best for business, its apparent. Bray Wyatt is taken aback to John Cena wearing the Lamb Mask and scaring the Wyatt family out of the ring. Piper’s Pit to push the battle royal, and again Big Show hyped to be the favorite Daniel Bryan “getting himself some “ of Triple H in sneak attack. Great The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c) vs. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) vs. The Real Americans(Cesaro and Jack Swagger) vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. TBD Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H Singles match for the third spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania XXX Final Preview and Predictions Singles match John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt Singles match André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 30-man battle royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational 14-Diva single-fall match for the WWE Divas Championship The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)Six-man tag team match
Why Daniel Bryan Should Not Leave WrestleMania XXX Champion. Triple H Carrying Two Matches 4 way title match Abyss, Joe, Magnus and EY. ...setup sucked and was flat. What was interesting was Eric Young making a case to be a main eventer. Good promo. EY vs Joe later tonight. EC3 and Spud in the sticks hunting for Willow.  Willow Magnus taps out easily, and pisses off Abyss. Beauitful People bitch fest. Spud captured by Willow, EC3 craps on the barn. Bully Ray and a bunch of tables vs Bobby Roode. How does Knux leave the carnival and the Uber hot chick behind. Samuel Shaw cuts some hair off of Christy. Strait jacket, tables matches and a world title match next week
WrestleManiaXXX-Great Matches Even if Storyline Buildup Don't Match Up Abyss and EY with a long and crappy throw down. Lashley and EC3-  Bobby looks like Bobby. Willow continues revenge for Genesis by attacking EC3. Magnus doesn't care about Dixie when he has Abyss. Gunners Dad drops to broken beer bottle. Good job selling Dad Gail Kim and Leid Tapa...one and done. Beautiful People back together minus Madison Rayne BroMans vs. Tiger One and Hyundai Sonata. Bully Ray talks to chair. Don’t screw with Bobby Roode. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA Championship. Abyss and MVP were chained together at ringside. Why unchain the cuffs.   Bad Microphones, Drooling, Broken Glasses and Ripped Skinny Jeans...and there was your opening segment #RAWBrooklyn Dolph, Del Rio, Christian and Sheamus for IC Contendership against Big E...and Christian won? Before #WrestlemaniaXXX we have to have #Botchamania in Brooklyn #RAWBrooklyn Del Rio with Big Wif on that kick on the ropes. Del Rio got pissed during that match. Sin Cara w/ ScoobyDoo at ringside with a complete burial of Damien Sandow. Talk about DogHouse. Rybaxel vs. Usos instead of battle royal. Sabotage. Get down! Should be like True Lies, but I’m a senior citizen. With Arnold and Joe...Ravioli and Magnolia! Triple H offers Reality Era to Yes Movement. Harper vs. Cena. Brooklyn, we’re here. Clapping along to the Wyatt theme. Should the Wyatts drop it to stay big heels. We want Harper and Fruity Pebbles chants by Brooklyn. What a match. Cena looks worn down and struggling. Clothesline by Cena flush to the chin. Match ends with Cena wrapped up in the ropes wearing the sheep mask. Excellent visual. Wyatt’s laugh at the end of that spot amazing. Vicki Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational ...AJ Lee vs all the Divas. Who thinks Audrey Hepburn, all 30 pounds of her looked any good except insecure women who practice anorexia. She’s eating chocolate, what an oxymoron. Taco Bell ...are you trying to make me never go back again. stupid grillers commercial. Feel like I’m watching jewelry commercials at Christmas time. Scott Hall as Razor Ramon to WWE HOF Real Americans vs. The Shield. Great match, We the People Chants. Cesaro super over. Kane and Outlaws face the Shield at WM30.   Brock Lesnar. Eat, Sleep, Break the Streak. Nice magic act with a real coffin. Huh TNA. Brock stop drop and roll again over the casket.  
World Title Match a Guaranteed Triple Threat; Cena Scared of Bray Wyatt Abyss, what is that mask? MVP schedules title rematch with Joe and match with Abyss, only to end in DQ by Eric Young. Willow live,  and backstage appearance by returning Angelina Love, where's the ring ka king guilder? LMS Brittany aka WWE developmental tryout Santana Garrett Bully Ray attacked by Bobby Roode and Dixies goons. Great beatdown.   Tigre Uno and Sennada take down the BroMans. Great match with fresh new talent. Willow in the rafters, guess he's Sting. Samuel Shaw chasing the cameraman, after he supposedly is taking to Christy. Rockstar Spud looking like a cartoon James Bond and EC3 pay tribute to Dixie Carter.  Look away look away Dixieland. #thankyoudixie. Lashley is signed,  will face EC3 next week. Spud will take on Willow. EC3 off camera gestures are awesome. Samuel Shaw comes out with a half cut red haired mannequin to look like Christy. Creepy bastard chant is over. Angelina Love is back with new enhancements. Segment with Velvet to reunite went way too long. Willows music, a Korn ripoff? Brutal Beatdown to Spud. Bad excuse Bully Ray, we don’t need Bobby Roode to be another Dixie Carter. Orton and Batista questioning can Triple H kep Bryan out of the title match. Orton now called a paper champion and that he sucks and thats why Batista will beat him and why Bryan is cheered. Hunter climbing the ring calling out Batista and Orton is awesome. HHH or Bryan will advance into in a guaranteed triple threat match. Kudos to Renee Youngs excellent wardrobe choice. Bad News Barrett returns Cena is scared the way Scooby Doo is with a guh guh guh ghost! The Mystery Machine visits Raw next week too. Orton and his scripted promo..mere possibility. Pulling your tooth out for a cigarette, TGI Fridays, we went for the Burger and Bottomless Fries. Lawler demo of WWE Network, technologically handicapped on his iPad. The Shield continue to defy Kane, where are the Shield going to be in WrestleMania? Naomi is back with a patch, and she gets the pin on AJ, who splits from Tamina Clubber Lang er. Mr.T enters WWE Hall of Fame. Great for Wrestling. 8-man tag to showcase Andre Battle Royal: Rybaxel, Sandow and Del Rio vs. Ziggler, Big Show Mark Henry and Big E. Ziggler got emotional after win vs. Del Rio and announcers point out and put him over. Schwarznegger promotes Sabotage next week on RAW from Brooklyn. Triple H respects Daniel Bryan, but no...fake cops, handcuffs and the Cerebral Assassin strikes. Stephanie cheers him on. Bryan made to be a martyr. Handcuff keys dropped on the carnage as a finishing touch.
WrestleMania XXX Main Event Saved; YES Movement Rejoices; TNA Lockdown Recap Wrestling is Real Podcast is made possible by WWE Shop!, GameStop, eBay and Amazon !  Hogan is a babyface again, just like he was in the 80s. Cena challenges Bray Wyatt at WM30. Hey kids, say your prayers eat your vitamins. Great addition to the  Wyatt  promos. 30 man Andre the Giant Invitational Battle Royal. Paul Heyman really does a great job pumping up the streak. Undertaker speaks, send message to Lesnar the fear of death is scarier than death itself. Reigns and Rollins dominate over the brotherhood. Rollins showcased with a turnbuckle bomb to Cody and then the Blackout for the win. AJ pinned by Natalya on Smackdown and now Nikki Bella on RAW. Is AJ gonna drop the belt soon? Daniel Bryan and the YES Movement Occupies RAW. Like a Revolution. Great visual. What a memorable way to set up the Triple H-Bryan feud. If Bryan wins, he gets added to the Title match. #WrestleMania just got kicked up another notch. Excellent TripleH/ Bryan confrontation. Title match @ #WM30 has officially been saved. #RAW Sheamus v. Christian in a Memphis street fight. Where is Jeff Jarrett calling out #WWE for gimmick infringement? #RAW. Funny calling out Lawler with a Memphis conspiracy with the OccupyRaw segment.  Hand grenade now called 10 Beats of the Bowery, an Irish drum. Cool finish with the brogue kick to the bass drum. Orton gets the running knee on Batista. Lawler calling out Boo-tista.
TNA Lockdown 2014: Two Lethally Lame Main Event Finishes Wrestling is Real Podcast is made possible by WWE Shop!, GameStop, eBay and Amazon Prime !   1.The Great Muta, Sanada and Nakanoue (called Yusa) (representing Wrestle-1) vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Chris Sabin (representing TNA)-Six-man interpromotional tag team steel cage match. Sanada recognized as X division champion. Big pop for Muta and we want Muta chants Dropkick from three sides by BI and saban. Muta multiple dragon screw leg whips. Mist in Kaz. Shining wizard by Muta. Moonsault to Daniels by Senada for the pin.   Spud and Dixie, looking great,  come out, couple of shots on Lebron and the Canes fans. Touts she has an insurance policy to not lose control. Hardy is suspended and security will make sure he can't make the main event. 2.Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw- JB announcing.  Shaw comes down pissed. Says Christy isn't being professional. Gets ready to jump off cage and end it all. Creep bastard chants. Anderson comes out. Christy comes to ringside as match starts. CM Punk chants.  Anderson on offense, Shaw counters. Big back suplex off the cage by Anderson. Shaw gets up sees Christy. Shaw tries to escape but Anderson collides into Shaw, the door and the ref.  Double Mic checks. Anderson climbs out.  Christy is near the cage. Ref still out cold. Shaw grabs Christy and pulls her into cage. Anderson drops and Anderson socks him. Anderson walks Christy out, low blow puts on triangle choke and Shaw wins. Good job Christy on the screaming bit. 3.Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III-trouble signs along the front row. Angle knee surgery keeps him out, so Carter issues an open challenge. Bobby Lashley comes out to a good pop and class out EC3 4.Tigre Uno vs Manik. Fast pace.  Spider-Man move then drop by Manik as Uno hits the cage. Surfboard. High cradle back suplex. Sabretooth splash for the the pin by uno. Backwards somersault 450. 5.Gunner vs. James Storm Contested under Last Man Standing rules. Brawl before the bell rings. Storm in long tights now. Storm takes turnbuckle ropes to choke Gunner. Hulk up and gunner uses top of steel steps. Storm throws Gunner into wedged chair in the corner. 9 count. This is awesome chants. Gunner hit with chair to face as he jumps off top rope. Top rope superplex through two chairs side by side. Gunner remains standing. 6.Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim TNA Knockouts Championship- Madison on offense. Neck breaker off ropes by Kim. Top rope spear to Kim for the pin. 7.Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe TNA World Heavyweight Championship Can only be won by submission or knockout. Magnus slammed into the cage and we get color. Figure 4 on Joe reversed. Camel clutch, arm bar, rear naked choke. Joe is caught and dragged by a hand coming out of the ring. Joe pulled in.  Abyss comes out and uses Janice and then black hole slams Joe. Magnus puts on Joes kokina clutch to win. Abyss goes pure heel. 8.Team MVP - MVP (captain), Jeff Hardy and The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) vs. Team Dixie - Bobby Roode (captain), Austin Aries and The BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz) Eight-man Lethal Lockdown match The leader of the winning team receives complete control of TNA wrestling operations. If Team Dixie wins, Roode becomes 10% owner of TNA MVP and Aries start. Robbie E and Eddie Edwards follow. Jessie and Richards  then Roode after. Then no Jeff Hardy but we get Willow who jumps on the heels from the top of the cage. Then Dixie brings out a special guest ref. Bully Ray. Cage goes down. Ray brings in a table and closes the door. Heels dominate with weapons.  Crossface by Roode to Richards. MVP clears things up. Wolves van terminate Roode with a trash can.  Aries with Brain buster through the chair to Richards. Aries misses 450 into trash can. Willow with whisper and swanton. Bully interrupts Roode bomb.  Ray drops him.  MVP gets help from Bully so MVPs team wins.
Triple H Appreciation-For NXT and Better Daniel Bryan Storyline Wrestling is Real podcast is presentedby Amazon, WWEShop, Gamestop and eBay Opening Rant: WrestleMania World Title Picture; Did CM Punk Screw Himself out of the Main Event? World title match with Magnus and Samoa Joe will be determined by submission, tapout or knockout. Ethan Carter makes junk out of Doug Williams. Bromans win 3way tag with Bad Influence and the Wolves, but that doesn't resolve losing that tag belts Euro gut check Bad Bones fed to Samoa Joe. EC3 spoils Angle HOF induction, gets put I'm a steel cage match at Lockdown. Big opponents for EC3. Beautiful people again, Velvet and Madison wearing Velvets sexy let the pigeons loose hand-me downs. Lose to Leid Tapa and the Alpha Female. Tigre Uno premiering at Lockdown. Extreme Tiger From AAA More Samuel Shaw attacking Christy Hemme and attacking Mr. Anderson Can't wait for Willow. Shaking skeletons in an abandoned house. Austin Aries, put some pants on, tights with a shirt, maybe he should join Samuel Shaw and become a tag team creepily hitting on Christy Hemme. Turns heel on MVP and joins Team Roode. Thanks for turning heel Batista. If Daniel Bryan Can be champion so can I says the delusional WWE Universe mark. Swagger continues to screw with Cesaro. Why does Ziggler get high profile matches only to be glorified junk. Facelift to NXT with new 360 digital boards. Broadcast had better audio, me graphics, better entrance music, and merchandise. -Cesaro vs Sami Zayn-Cesaro blocks a top rope hurricanrana and goes for a powerbomb but Zayn blocks that and hits the hurricanrana any way. Zayn with the big running boot in the corner and a close 2 count. Another "we the people" chant. Cesaro drops Zayn with an uppercut. Cesaro with another big uppercut. Zayn goes down after yet another big uppercut. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Zayn with a big suplex across the ring. Zayn charges but runs into a big boot. Cesaro with a Neutralizer but Zayn blocks it for a 2 count. Another amazing sequence from Zayn for a 2 count. Cesaro with a big uppercut in the middle of the air for just a 1 count. Zayn powers up but Cesaro hits another running uppercut and a Neutralizer for the win. Ascension vs. Too Cool for NXT Tag Team titles- Yah, Yah , Yah! -Emma vs Paige for the WWE NXT Divas Title-More back and forth. Paige blocks the Emma Lock. Paige with knees to the chest. Emma takes her leg out on the apron and Paige goes down. Emma with a 1 count. Emma with the Dil-Emma submission on the ropes. Emma hits the Emma Sandwich, a crossbody low in the corner, for another 2 count. We get dueling chants from the crowd again. Emma with another submission before taking Paige to the mat with another hold. Emma with a 2 count. More offense by Emma and another pin attempt. Paige turns it around and drops Emma on the apron. Emma slams Paige into the turnbuckle and they climb to the top. Paige goes for a superplex but it's blocked. Emma with a big sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count. They trade shots and Paige hits a big kick. Paige hits the Paige Turner but Emma kicks out and Paige is shocked. Apparently that's the first time someone has kicked out of the move in NXT. Paige applies a rare submission - a Scorpion Crosslock, and gets the win. Rusev monsters over Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze -Bo Dallas (c) vs Adrian Neville in a Ladder Match for the NXT Title-Bo sends Neville into the steel steps. Bo works Neville over on the floor and slams him into the apron. Bo brings another ladder and charges but Neville ducks and the ladder slides into the ring. Neville backdrops Bo on the ramp. Neville goes back in the ring and climbs for the title. Bo launches a ladder into him and Neville falls to the mat. Neville then sends Dallas tumbling from a ladder. They struggle for a ladder and Bo rams Neville back into the corner with it. Bo wedges a ladder into the corenr and tries to catapult Neville under it. Neville gets to his feet and nails a DDT out of the corner. Neville climbs up again but Bo pushes him off. They struggle again, bump heads and a ladder falls on Neville. Bo with right hands in the corner and a clothesline. Bo gets sent head first into the turnbuckle. Neville climbs for the title but Bo meets him at the top and they trade shots. Bo pulls Neville into the ladder and they both fall off. Bo tosses Neville to the apron. Neville kicks Bo in the head and he goes down. Neville leaps onto the ladder and goes for the title but Bo jumps on his back and stops him. Bo tries to German suplex Neville from the ladder but he hangs on. Bo grabs him for a powerbomb. Bo sends Neville flying into the wedged ladder in the corner. Neville slams Bo on top of a ladder. Neville with a big 450 on top of Bo. Bo rolls out to the floor while Neville climbs for the title. Neville retrieves the title for the win. Excellent showcase for those marks that didn’t listen to me as to why it has been worth watching NXT. Paul Heyman’s pipebomb, part shoot turned into great story for Taker v. Lesnar. USO finally win some penny belts\ Shield v. Wyatt Family II-keep the feud going. Rollins tired of the bickering. Rollins on fire. Harper goes suicidal, Rollins amazing in this match, Superman punches for all and Ambrose brings out the Figure 4. Summer Rae, hair is straight, new makeup person, LMS Summer Rae and a EMMA victory. Dilemma, slam into the corner. NXT comedy antics and there’s your match. Sheamus staying strong over Christian, kicks out of frog splash, and lands Brogue kick, and rewarded with Renae, and they’re still fighting each other. Mark, Chuck thinks Aksana is fat. Hogan fears Rogaine, Push Ziggler, Boretista and Skinny jeans Bryan confronts The Authority, and Hunter and Steph cant be heard Jesse Pinkman assists Dolph Ziggler, Nice Shelby GT Cesaro and Swagger finally breaking down with Big E in the middle. Paul Bearer goes into HOF
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